The 100% CI

We are the 100%, bound by a shared passion for horrible puns and improving our inferences through scientific openness and meta science.

Anne Scheel

Anne is a PhD student at TU Eindhoven. Her research interests have gradually shifted from developmental psychology to meta science as a function of realising the extent of fucked-ness of the field (infant imitation will always remain her secret love though). She used to have a spirit animal but it left in protest after a fierce Beatles vs Stones discussion could not be resolved peacefully.

Ruben Arslan

Ruben is a researcher at the Center for Adaptive Rationality at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin. He’s interested in the evolutionary genetics of why people differ, and has worked on paternal age effects, and ovulatory cycle shifts. He also wrote software to make survey research more reproducible. He is Jake the Dog’s spirit human.

Malte Elson

Malte is a behavioral psychologist and assistant professor of Psychology of Human Technology Interaction at Ruhr University Bochum. He studies human learning in various contexts, such as the contingencies of behaviors in academic research (meta science), and human interaction with & effects of technology. He likes hats. His spirit animal is the unicorn.

Julia Rohrer

Julia is a personality psychologist at the University of Leipzig. She’s into well-being research, running, large data sets, and baking. Her spirit animal is Squirtle.

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